About Citizen of the Sun

IMG_0441Citizen of the Sun began as an inspired goal to write one hundred poems in one hundred days. Over that period of time I began to see a story of my own spiritual journey reveal itself in the writing. What evolved for me was a clear picture of my voice as a writer and a clear sense of writing as a spiritual practice. The process of making a book became like I imagine it might be to paint a picture. I put down what came to me and then the images I chose began to tell me their story. The written painting unfolded before my eyes.

Having been a church pastor and counselor over much of my working life. I knew I had a measure of empathy and the ability to establish rapport with others.  What I have found is that through writing I touch my soul perception. My inner artist if you will.

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Over the the last several years I have been working with my wife at a 140 acre medicinal  herb farm where I do web work, photography,writing and graphic design. At the farm I have had the privilege to write a special column about my experience on the land a few times a year. Being deeply connected to this place over the years has helped to ground my writing in the tangible energy of the plants and wildlife, and the thriving, vibrant moods of the earth. It has been a wonderful way to experience spiritual presence not only within myself, but to feel myself as part of the spirit of the natural landscape.

The pieces I have chosen for this collection represent a living part of my soul’s journey on this earth. I look forward to more books that will continue to record the evolving relationship I have with the spirit infused world and my place in it. At the end of this article is a listing of the pieces in the book.

Now that Citizen of the Sun is out of my heart and mind and on the printed page I believe it will have a life of its own. I look forward to what this life will bring to others.

I hope Citizen of the Sun enhances your life.

Best and blessings,


Table of Contents:


Poems and Essays

Selections From The Book


I  Burning the Midnight Down  One Hundred Nights  Citizen of the Sun  I Used To Be So Sure  Falling Into Place  The Fishermen   At The Water’s Edge  The Space  Soul Talk in the Summer Sun  Jesus and the Magic Trick Ring  Her Shiny Red Shoes  Saint Cloud   Five White Tee Shirts

II  The Influence of Bees  The Woman From the Greenhouse  The Cologne My Wife Gave Me   Why I Love Basmati Rice  Her Lips Love Like Jesus   A Wild Ride Through the Rain   Cracks   Sorrow  In These Silent Spaces   After All This Time  Pelicans 

III  A Visiting Ghost  Time is a Body  Shadow Man  Tangle in the Dark  Heartburn  Sex In the Storm  Bats in the Backyard  A Good Day for Flying  The Flowers of Heaven

IV  Silver and Golden  Why Jesus Wept  Thinking of Not Being  Tenderness  I See You There  Invisible William  A Walk Through the Camp   Alone  The Boat   Summer Soaring  Two Hundred Years from Now   I Will Never Have Enough   The Untameable Light   Pigeons Never Come Here