The Believer’s Ball

They are all here

Birds of a feather

Peas in a pod

Chips off the old block

Homogeneous comrades

from parallel parties

All their great minds thinking alike

All smiling a smile

in an intense hum hum hum of agreement

that says

“We believe

and therefore we know”

Here in the great hall

there is a podium

and there is someone speaking

twenty four hours a day


These are the TRUE BELIEVERS

and you can ask

any one of them

and they will tell you

one man’s REALITY

is just another man’s


Everyone spits

as they speak

and if you are too close

you can smell their breath

It is hot

and smells like something

died and lies close by

They have all the answers

to every question

already worked out


Every speaker

and each believer

has a tee-shirt

and a painted sign that says



And they will tell you

with eyes ablaze that

We are the truth

the way and the light!

And you


you over there who don’t agree

you must be the devil!

I can tell by what you believe

you are one of those believers

and since I am telling the truth

and you well

everyone knows the devil is a liar

Just ask anyone


at the Believer’s Ball


And the Believers cheered

when they heard that what they believed

was believed by many of those

that were there believing with them

And they raised an army

of more believers like them

and these believers

who had the holy fire in their eyes

went over to the other side

that was full of believers not like them

and tried to wipe them out

because they said

you don’t believe like us

and your influence on normal men

is a moral plague

and filled with lies

because everyone knows

the devil is a liar


In the aftermath

at the celebration dance

when they were asked

why they burned those other believer’s

houses to the ground

they replied

We have no respect

for the devil’s house

And look, they said

here is the bottom line

This couldn’t have happened

without God’s approval

because in the end

as every true believer

already knows…

we believers

are God’s right hand


All night and into the day

the believers danced

their victory dance

at the exclusive

Believers Ball

and the air became

hot and humid and

smelled of burning hair

and brimstone

And the swirling blood

from their enemies

clung to their hands and

dripped down their shirts

stained their ties

and the black and white

tiles on the floor

and the fragrance of it

made them bold

and made them

raise up and chant

“Hail the true believers!

Hail the true believers!”

over and over

again and again

echoing long

into the smoke filled night